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Healed People

Body Systems

Isn’t it interesting that we all still marvel at God’s creation of our human body. Although we have these intricate systems within our bodies.... Read more

First, we’re interested in learning what your herb goal is, how we can help you and how you can contribute to the Healed People community. Be kind, want you, to complete a few details and schedule an introductory conversation. Please be sure to submit your complete wholesale application.

Wholesale Pricing

Whether you’re an individual, a church clinic, a medical clinic or an online retailer, there’s an option to apply for wholesale pricing.

Chat about herbs & food

For more than 10 years, we’ve created friendships and familyships with you around herbal conversations. Let’s take our herb conversation over to the All About Herbs....

Herb Basics

How do I use the herb? Can I use it externally? How much should I take? We've anticipated these questions. Come on, study and learn at your own pace.

We’re honored to partner with medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, homeopathic professionals, retired nurses, master herbalists, iridologists, nutritionists, herb farmers and church clinics. We need one another. We honor God for the many ways He heals, even using His herbs. Enjoy reading these herb testimonials. And please share your testimonials with us.


We’re not shy about saying we thank God for His herbs. He knew we needed them, so He created them from the beginning. And we’re still using them to this day.

Herb Coaches

Herb coaches learn how natural herbs improve their lives. Some desire to teach others. Some desire an online retail space. Some desire a physical store location. Some answer herbal questions. Some educate people in business or faith communities.

Our Story

Healed People

The day came when the simple question came in 2003, why is my health not good. Shouldn’t I have right to feel and be well. Okay then, what is wrong? This is when I found herbs. Everything has to have a beginning, so once I found the herb Sanicle that I needed for my tumors, I asked, where did herbs come from. Everything has a beginning. I then found herbs in scripture. The rest is history; Healed People, Heal People was born.

Are you eating like you’re planning to live very well? Are you literally, planning your health’s prosperity? May I see your written health plan, please, right now? Have you subconsciously come into agreement with the status symbol of being busy? What are you going to do about it? Visit

We learn by sharing and applying knowledge. We welcome hearing about the size of your success or your delayed success. We like you. We love you. Healed People needs. You.

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I’ve had hot flashes and night sweats for several years. I did not want to use estrogen, due to the side effects it can cause. A friend introduced me to MPE-P and it worked.

These herbal extracts were designed for the purpose of dealing with the alternating conditions of being on top of the world one day, and feeling dejected the next day. As well, these herbs assist in dealing with feelings of resentment.

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